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Four Lenses Temperament Discovery

Four Lenses teach you about different personality styles. You’ll learn to identify your’ personality style and the styles of others, gain a better understanding and appreciation of the unique differences and strengths; of each style and be equipped with the knowledge and communication skills to improve your ability to communicate better and solve problems at home and in the work environment.

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Learn how to:

  • Identify the four different temperaments styles
  • Understand how they think
  • Understand what motivates them
  • Understand the unique differences and strengths of each style

Benefits & Outcomes

  • A better understanding and appreciation of self and others
  • Improved communication skills and interactions with others
  • Improved relationships at home and the work environment
  • Improved ability to resolve and solve problems

Program Length

5 hr. interactive program


Teams, departments everyone who wants to communicate better


Four Lenses training kit

Four Lenses Temperament Discovery Testimonials

"So great to see how others process information and communicate within my work and my church"– T. Wayne

"The most helpful to me was learning my personality style"– Byrne’s

"I liked when we talked about stretching to get along with the other lenses"– Davis

"Understanding other people’s perspective and being more tolerate and how to relate to them"– Brown

"I liked the small group sessions and learning about the different colors"– H Mills

"I liked the laughter examples real life keeping it authentic"– Peters

"Learning about myself and others, this class changed what I thought of myself"– C. Stephens

"2nd time in training good to learn about peers/colleagues"– N. Johnson

"Learning how to address, delegate and provide feedback to others"– Peterson

"How to avoid conflict with other personalities and learning more about why I act the way I do"– James

"I learned that other people perceive things differently and not as emotional as I do"– S. Mays

"Our district needs to find ways to dedicate more time to these sessions that’s on us not you, you did a wonderful job thank you"– W. Whitfield

"Great material and instructor couldn’t have asked for anyone better"– Moore

"Ms. Washington is excellent, energetic and passionate about teaching the dynamics of the Four Lenses very good training "– G. Stanis

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