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World Class Customer Experience

If an organization is to have longevity it must have customers and companies that provide great customer service enjoy more sales growth and profits than those that do not. Customer service and the customer’s experience are two different things, for this reason staff training in the area of customer service is a must. Don't let your mission statement remain only in the manual instill it, in the attitudes of your staff and watch your customer’s return again and again because you’ve given them a World Class Customer Experience

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Learn how to:

  • Understand how important you are in serving the customer and helping to make your organization successful
  • Work together as a team for Maximum productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Provide outstanding customer service in person and over the phone
  • Deal with angry customers
  • Deal with difficult customers

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Associates are happier and feel more appreciated and are willing to serve customers enthusiastically
  • Customers feel appreciated are served faster and more accurately and are more likely to return

Program Length

4 hr. interactive program


World Class Customer Experience Training guide


"Mrs. Washington is a wonderful instructor she has a way of making every subject enjoyable."— T. Myers

"I like the customer Bill of Rights and how to put them to daily use."— K. Mitchell

"I enjoyed everything about the class especially how to think like a customer"— D. Matthews

"I will use this training to be more open minded and empathetic to the customer."— P. Williams

"I loved the analogies to leadership and customer service proposed."— Y. Miller

"I enjoyed the whole training customer service is so vital and we need to do our best. I will work on doing my best."— D. Jackson

"I like the part about going the extra mile for customers and co-workers and Why I Should Care."— X. Davis

"The facilitator was very enthusiastic and made the class enjoyable."— K. Simmons

"I loved the section on the importance of internal customer service, respect and compassion for others."— J Thompson

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