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Peak Performance through Professionalism

PPP is a call to action for individuals seeking to transform their lives and impact there organization by becoming Peak Performers. By learning and practicing the Five Keys to being a True Professional participants learn how to strive for greatness individually and corporately and set a standard of excellence in all they do, reinforcing a culture of positive values, moral conduct and professional behaviour.

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Learn how to:

  • Become the best at what you do
  • Use skills and techniques to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Bolster your confidence and commitment for doing what is right
  • Polish your professional image, appearance, and conduct

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Emphasize the importance and value of being professional and a Peak Performer
  • Inspires accountability and responsibility
  • Motivates associates to raise the quality and excellence of their work
  • Provides a comprehensive resource book to refer back to when you need additional guidance

Program Length

4 hr interactive program


Individuals and Teams who want to impact there organization and strive for greatness


Training guide and copy of Professionalism is for everyone book

Peak Performance through Professionalism Testimonials

"Great material, excellent presentation, even better presenter, Thank you!" — Miles

"Thanks for a great training very empowering, and inspiring. You really know the material and believe in what you teach, I can tell you live by it." — V. Lang

"The information was delivered very well. I look forward to more training's with Ms. Washington. She is a true definition of professionalism." — S. Chambers

"Great class recommend all leaders take it."— S. Maples

"I highly recommend this training for teen leadership. I found myself nodding in agreement, my neck hurts. Thanks" — K. Stewart

"I felt moved and motivated by your presentation. You epitomize the characteristics and qualities under the umbrella of professionalism." — C. Miller

"The reminder about competency and encouragement to be better at my job and outside the company." — T. Wilson

"The entire presentation made me stop and think how I present myself." — E. Patterson

"I enjoyed the breakdown on what can contribute to a good leader." — S. Payne

"Thanks for letting me know that, nothing is wrong with me and it's ok to have high standards for myself." — S. Robinson

"Absolutely enjoyed it Even though it was short, I learned a lot and it made me want to do better." — G. Davenport

"Excellent class made me see my own flaws and improvements I need to focus on – J. Reynolds

"Great refresher all need to attend this class from Airmen to Officers- great transition class for those separating and Speaker True Professional." — M. Davidson

"Excellent job! One of the more beneficial training's I've had here, encouraging and uplifting. I actually look forward to taking it again" — A. Foster

"You make me feel like you care about my success, I appreciate you. Moreover, you Increased my knowledge about my self-worth." — E. Davis

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