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Managing Yourself for Absolute Success

“Identifying Obstacles in life and the workplace”

In Managing Yourself for Absolute Success participants learn how to create a toxic free life and environment by identifying obstacles and behaviors that may be holding them back, from achieving their full potential. This program will inspire you and your team to reach those big goals, create a toxic free work environment, enhance cohesiveness and achieve your potential.

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Learn how to:

  • Appreciate your own greatness and abilities
  • Recognize the obstacles in life that likely are holding you back
  • Overcome, defeat and live defensively against those obstacles
  • Encourage others and help them grow into their greatness

Benefits & Outcomes

  • Fend off toxic people
  • Enjoy a happy and more productive life
  • Create a positive, nurturing environment

Program Length

4 hr interactive program


  • Teams, departments, that want to enhance their cohesiveness
  • Everyone who wants to acquire a more pleasant and fun work environment


  • Training guide and copy of The Anacondas in Life book

Managing Yourself for Absolute Success Testimonials

"I first want to thank you again for that wonderful class. I have been applying principles learned during that class all weekend. Also I am happy to say that first thing this morning I went into my manager's office and said that I would really pke to be considered for a position that just opened up. To be honest, I would have never went and said anything had I not been in your class. Thank you again for inspiring us." - T. Simmons strongail

"This class helps you detox your mind and help you strive for greatness, It helped me to see my strong points and weak points" – C. Taylor

"Excellent job this class exceeded my expectations." – Thomas

"I will talk with my staff and ensure that I am not an obstacle to anyone or myself." – X. Wilpams

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