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Professionalism and Ethics

“The re-emergence of a critical set of workplace behaviors”

Professionalism and Ethics go hand in hand and are critical to the effective Functioning of any organization and to the success of any individual. This refresher course will remind participants: what Professionalism and Ethics are, what they look like, how they function and how they can develop them too.

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Learn how to:

  • Define what Professionalism and Ethics are
  • Understand its’ importance to and in the work environment
  • Identify unprofessional and unethical behavior
  • Promote a culture of Professionalism and Ethics in your environment

Benefits & Outcomes

  • A better understanding of true Professionalism and ethics
  • Increased awareness of one’s behavior
  • A more civil and respectful work environment

Program Length

2.5 hr. interactive program


Professionalism and Ethics Training guide


"So enjoyable because it taught me to work more on me." – Miles

"My biggest thing is to work on being the example." – T. Owens

"Ms. Washington makes these classes pleasant, insightful, and engaging my only suggestion is to increase the time." – M. Williams

"I want to become more efficient because I know I have a lot to offer." – Thomas

"Excellent presentation thank you for a wonderful class." – T. James

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