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Resiliency Skills for Everyday Living

In challenging times having critical thinking, emotional intelligence and resiliency skills will be the key to overcoming life's adversities. Everyone can develop the skills of being resilient. Whether they are adequately resilient or efficiently resilient will determine their quality of life as well as their level of success. This two- and half-hour workshop presents the necessary skills needed for individuals to develop and maintain the ability to be Resilient.

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  • How to become and remain resilient
  • Why it’s important to be proactive instead of reactive in your thinking
  • Why it’s important to set goals
  • The pillars of resiliency

Benefits & Outcomes

  • A much calmer and more optimistic outlook on life
  • More in control of your responses
  • Become more self-aware of your thoughts and behavior
  • Better understanding of yourself

Program Length

2.5 hr. interactive program


Everyone who wants to become a better individual and learn to thrive through life’s challenges


Resiliency Skills Training guide


The training was right on time for I really feel encouraged and learned what I need to do.

This information was very relatable to my everyday

How to remain resilient especially under stress with school, work and
This class opened my eyes and made me acknowledge some of the situations I have
This class made me reflect on my current situation divorced after 41 years 15 days ago.

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